I never thought I will start my own blog again.
Maybe it's not my first blog because I used blog for my girl friend.
Anyway, this is the first my own blog.

It has been long time because I stop blog after I broke up with my first girl friend.
She was very active blogger and I made my...maybe couple blog to share our memory and our feelings about each others. We shared our feeling about our dates, what we saw, what we ate, how we loved, and so forth.

Because of many reasons, we broke up and I closed my (our) blog.
When I closed it, I cried a lot because I could feel how much she loved me and how much I loved her.

Now I am standing alone, and start my own blog first time.

I have no clue what I would like to share in the future and how long I am going to use this space, but I hope to make this place as calm and private place of mine. I will share what I thought, what I saw, how I felt, what I listened, and what I would like to share with anonymous publics.

It might be echo or noise without any returning or reply, but I will keep writing down something as much as I can. I hope it would be valuable diary of my late twenties and vault of my youth.

I know it's such a random decision to start blogging, but I just started.


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