What if. Life is not easy. Every moment is valuable, but also life persistently asks us which one I will choose. People say, "there is no right or wrong answer in your life," but they influence in a direct or indirect way. At the same time, throughout our lives, they occasionally give us a set of choices. Then we need to choose what is the best at the moment or what is the best in near future or what is the best in the long-term. At this point, I think. "What if" What if I choose this, what would happen? I have made decisions on the sets of choices in my life, but it's been not easy and it is still not easy. In this sense, the movie "the butterfly effect" showed us the guy's life with choices, but he never satisfied because of the effect caused by choices he made. Anyway, at the moment of choice, I wish to save my life and choose a different life if I can with this question. "What if?"


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